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Feb 2010

We had the opportunity to visit some friends out in L.A. for a bunch of FEBRUARY Birthday Celebrations, including (but not limited to) a 1-day adventure to Disneyland for Danielle who turned 17 this month . . .


She was completely surprised!
 Disney Birthday
 A light rain allowed us to walk right onto the Peter Pan ride  (no line!)
 Peter Pan [no lines!]
Fantasy portal to Tomorrowland
 to Tomorrowland
NOBODY in Tomorrowland .. except for Danielle out there
 Tomorrowland (empty)
~  Pirates of the Caribbean  ~
 Pirates of the Caribbean
Not a soul in New Orleans Square
 New Orleans (empty)
We took time just kickin' around Disneyland like we owned the place!
 Tombo & Splash Mtn
NOBODY in Critter Country!
 Critter Country (empty)
Here's a picture of the flume at the top of Splash Mountain . . .
 Splash Mountain flume
. . . and what you see when launching out of it!
 Splash Mountain flume view
Danielle & I
 Danielle & I
Another cool shot .. we just stayed in our log and rode it again!
 Splash Mountain log ride
New Orleans Square - empty
 New Orleans Square (empty)
Still trying for that Sword in the Stone . . .
 Sword in the Stone (Tombo)
Danielle gives it her all!
 Sword in the Stone (Danielle)
Happy Birthday, kiddo!
 Birthday hat
We found the Village Haus restaurant (Danielle there in the window)
 Village Haus
Inside the Village Haus
 Village Haus (inside)
Danielle avoids Monstro
 Village Haus (Monstro)
Tomorrowland as seen from peeking over a fence in Frontierland
 Tomorrowland from Frontierland
Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
 Big Thunder Mountain
Almost all day long . . No churros..!
 no churros
( 20 Cool Points if you can say where we found this in Disneyland )
 Laod Bhang Fireworks
Finally!  Churros!
In the foyer of the Blue Bayou Café, awaiting our waterside table
 Blue Bayou foyer
Inside the Blue Bayou Café
 Blue Bayou [inside]
Danielle makes Mickey ears behind her chocolate Birthday mousse
 Blue Bayou Mickey spoons
That was our table, just to the right of that tree
 Blue Bayou · our table
Dad & Daughter · 17th birthday!
 Father and Daughter
Best park shot of the day   [ click here for 1280x960 wallpaper ]
 Matterhorn from Tomorrowland

Jessi & I also joined our dear friend 'Ant·man' for his birthday celebration at Magic Mountain

H3D  ·  Tombo  ·  Ant  ·  Izzy
 Magic Mtn 6 Flags
Magic Mountain, California
 Magic Mountain coasters
Jessi took this picture of the new 'Terminator Salvation' rollercoaster
 Terminator Salvation coaster
A Terminator from the latest movie
Jessi started out with this cap . . .
 brown cap
. . . but traded for *this* one once we found it
 Irish cap
Wolf attack!
 Jessi wolf
Gettin' her groove on under the Batman ride
Jessica and her godfather:  Ant·man!   (+Izzy)
Here's a picture of Howard and Izzy hanging out with Seth Green!
( Look to the left of that green thing – he's facing the other way )
 Seth Green!
Everyone's favorite - you hang facing *down* as you ride this thing!
Jessi loves this shot of light playing over green moss
 green moss
The GOLIATH - broke down .. we didn't make it onto this ride
Jessi with Ant & H3D
 Jessi with Ant & H3D

And a few more shots from last year's trip to Disneyland for New Year's Eve - one of the best trips ever!

All the kids!
 All the kids
Jessi hangs out on Tom Sawyer's Island
 Jessi hiding out
Gabriel & Jessica
 Gabe & Jessica
Cool vibes at Smuggler's Cove on Tom Sawyer's Island
 Smuggler's Cove
Somewhere in the Pirate's Lair
 Pirate's Lair
The Dread Pirate Andrea guards her ill-gotten plunder!
 The Dread Pirate Andrea
Jessi & Gabe seek counsel from 'Fortune Red', the pirate fortune teller
 Fortune Red
Braving the wilds of the Jungle Cruise
 Jungle Cruise
Ant & his super-excellent wife, Mrs. Ant !
 Ant & Alex
Tombo & Chicklettes @ Indiana Jones
 Tombo & Chicklettes
the Haunted Mansion at Christmastime
 Haunted Mansion
Plunging down Splash Mountain
 Splash Mountain
The Mighty Matterhorn!
All the kids again
 All the kids
Danielle braves the wild jungles of Adventureland
 Danielle & Jungle
Our dear friends
 Our dear friends
A great shot of Small World, New Year's Eve night
 Small World (NYE 08/09)
Sleeping Beauty's Castle on New Year's Eve
 Cinderella's Castle (NYE 08/09)
Best park shot of New Year's Eve 2008/2009   [ click here for 1280x960 wallpaper ]
 Foggy Teacups
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