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May 2010

The oppressive summer heat of Phoenix mandates regular escape attempts by "Valley of the Sun" denizens. One of our favorite summer haunts is a crazy little place called 'Slide Rock' located deep in the bowels of Oak Creek Canyon, which is nestled snugly between the new age mecca, Sedona, and Arizona's tree-hugging capitol, Flagstaff. Another favorite destination involves a cabin (graciously loaned to us by some friends) for some serious 'down time', good food, lotza games, DVD's, and naps in hammocks! I am told there are loads of natural features to explore in the surrounding area, but we've just never made it past the cabin every time we've gone up there ... too 'busy' just relaxing and hanging around! Plenty of time to pursue those adventures during subsequent visits, I am sure!  —  So, in the grand tradition of Quickly Catching Up On Some Blog Meat, here are some pix demonstrating just how to kick off a proper Phoenix Summer (notice the distinct lack of 'Phoenix' in the pictures below):


Clearing out rocks from a channel that's good for little kids
 Tombo moving rocks
Andrea was first down the Big Chute
 Andrea chute
Jessi is COMBAT-READY at Slide Rock! (Danielle & Aubrey behind her)
Danielle & Aubrey give it a whirl --
 Double chute
~   thumb on camera while climbing a cliff   ~
 thumb shot
The little pools (very slippery)
 Slide Rock
White dudes catchin' shade under our big gnarly camp-site tree
 Tom & Howard
The 36-foot jump-cliff is located directly beneath that bridge
Mid-day at Slide Rock (Danielle's in the little pool)
 Slide Rock
We also chilled for a weekend at a friend's cabin
Pretty stressful up here in the woods
 cabin view
Here's how you cope with it
 hammock time
~    sisters    ~
 hammock sisters
Jessi catchin' some sketch-time on the porch swing
And here's their really tall swing . . .
 Dad & kiddo swing
Andrea was pretty much glued to it the whole time
 Andrea swing
~    Danielle, just bein' cool    ~
~    Jessi (sportin' her cool Irish vest)    ~
~    Andrea just .. well . . . I'm not sure . . .
. . . and then there's Howard (Andrea's [onetime] godfather)
Danielle braces for a tickle attack!
More hammock time . . .
 More hammock time
Andrea runs her card game with an iron fist
 Andrea - dark overlord
~   3 chicklettes in a cabin   ~
 Cabin Chicklettes
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