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May 2010

 Space Invaders in session

I recently noticed this on a t-shirt, and it totally cracked me up! Who ever thought about how much those zealous little space invaders had to train for their global-wide invasion of earth back in 1978?  ~  Did you, ever?  On the one hand (or pixel), it seems as though nothing could be simpler: "March across the sky dropping digital bombs on mankind's paltry defenses, advancing downward as you go, and pick up the pace should any comrades fall in battle. Victory is assured!" Yet, without instructions even so basic as these, instead of winning Every Single Conflict, these wily critters might have drifted aimlessly all over the place, clogging our air vents and weighing down power lines from here to Japan. It's a good thing somebody provided them with THE PROPER INSTRUCTIONS. (That guy's name is Tomohiro Nishikado... but his is another story)

 Invader Zim

We all need clear instructions . . yes, even pesky space invaders. Without it, we fail.  Hard.  Every one of us.  Take Zim for instance - Invader Zim.  This little sap thought he could do it all on his own, sought minimal contact with - and gained no real direction from - his superiors, who would've rather just be rid of him altogether. His TV show (sadly demised after three frantic seasons) demonstrated just what can happen when some frenetic twerp finds a ray gun and runs outside with it.

I have heard it said that if you aim at nothing, you will surely hit it. But I take it a step further: Given how everything (matter, living entities, ideas, culture) succumbs to entropy if neglected, unfocused energies can and usually do result in nothing more than exponential chaos! I have often encountered my youngest child in the throes of some creative impulse, fists full of materials littering her bedroom floor, an open glue bottle cast to one side, a look of unabashed opportunity on her face as she eyes a cat curled up beneath her bed.. and I thought to myself: No good can come of this...

 golden ray gun

Some may argue that it's all a matter of perspective, that some 'Chaotic Neutral' type personality might, in the very act of their kinetic motion, cause Art and Change and Original Creation to arise from their particular brand of anarchy. – Right. So I'll just slather up a bull in day-glow paint and cut him loose in your home or storefront. No, don't get angry or anything . . . that incredible destruction and mess he just made of your space and place is just * ORIGINAL *ART*!

Perspective is a funny thing.

A friend of mine recounts a story about her husband driving them home one evening, when a tail-gater crowded up against their back bumper. Her husband gradually reduced his speed in hopes of forcing the interloper back, but he kept at it, as if proving a point. My friends eventually turned into their neighborhood at an obvious crawl, their pursuer mere inches behind them. They parked casually in their driveway, and were a bit surprised when the other vehicle lurched into their neighbor's driveway. Out popped their neighbor, who slammed the door shut and bustled into his house in a huff. Apparently he had acquired a new SUV which my friends had failed to recognize. — What's worse, a few minutes later, this same driver came to their door offering an apology, explaining how he really had to use the restroom but just couldn't get home fast enough . . .

~    perspective    ~

"Everybody is someone else's weirdo," observes another friend of mine ◄— That is personal perspective in a nutshell.  In this age of All Tolerance and over-the-shoulder scrutiny to ensure everyone is toeing the politically-correct party line –(though shouldn't everyone be 'tolerant' of everybody else? There's irony for you)– it's any wonder anyone dares to stand up and declare their convictions aloud. To speak out is to draw fire from all the other ray gun toting mutants who would just as soon shoot you as 'buy the world a Coke'. It's like a free-for-all in a government sponsored mud bath, where everyone is just fine getting good and dirty until someone gets 'messy' according to 'someone' . . .

 Lloyd Dobler

So what do you do? Stop talking? Stuff your communication efforts down the nearest drain pipe? Put your ray gun down .. or worse, bury it under junk in your closet? Should we limit our self-expressions to morning grimaces before the mirror while taming that hair for another day among the mutants? Advocate a 'silent' self-censored world? – Well, that's not going to happen . . especially now that the entire globe is plugging in to everyone, everywhere, at all times. In a sense, it's kind of a creepy Reality. If I had a time-machine telephone and could call myself as a kid to describe what's happening in the world these days, I certainly wouldn't even believe it! (And that's fresh out of a 1977 theater showing 'Star Wars', an Arthur C. Clarke book in my back pocket) These days truly are science-fiction come to roost on our desktops, right here in our telephones, hard-wired right into our iWidgets (well, except for Flash-o-phobic iProdux) . . and even within our plain old TV sets.

Does this afford us then free license to just blast out and Say Anything just for the sake of making noise? . . a constant barrage of "Hello, World!" programs, messages, signposts, tweets, blogs, etc .. ?     —     cha   -  `zif .

Instruction · Direction · Discipline · Form – all very good, strong, and proper instruments when leveraged in an atmosphere/relationship marked by balance, respect and, in its truest sense, love.  Heh.. the Beatles once sang "All You Need Is Love" — such a trite and dismissible sentiment in our hyper-cynical world... but also the most deeply profound Truth in all of history. My point is, they knew what they wanted to say and they spoke it to the best of their ability through a focused, seminal work of music.

 yellow submarine

The wide diversity of colors we may invent from, and communicate through, allows for such an exciting and limitless range of possibilities! But then, of course, one must consider what certain colors mean to other mutants from different cultures and backgrounds. Arizona's vast desert browns tinged with an occasional off-green beige cactus dotting the landscape might mean one thing to a green-tree suburban-choked businessman from Pennsylvania . . quite another to someone who finds freedom in the lazy tropical clouds and curling blue waves of island life. The Islamization of Europe is *great* . . if you're Islam . . It's quite a different color if your deepest convictions are rooted in traditional Christianity or Judaism. A rainbow spanning the sky used to only stand as a reminder of God's omnipotence and providence over mankind. Yet, just in the span of our own generation, those same vibrant colors have been confiscated into the banner of a 'gay' agenda. (There's another word with a better associative meaning from ages past)

So from Whom (or what) are *you* getting your Instructions? Breezy Unicorns so rich in pretend-purity they vomit shiny rainbows and poop cotton-candy clouds?  Don't laugh .. I've met people who actually believe roadside rocks harbor a 'divine cosmic energy' and would just as soon seek guidance from a dusty chunk of quartz as I will pray to an 'invisible God' –(see Isaiah 44:9-20 & Jeremiah 2:26-28 for some thoughts about that)–

For better or worse, we're all in this colorful cauldron together and get to pipe off about whatever floats our boat. Those following *some* kind of Instruction will at least make some kind of sense from their own paradigm, often worth a bit of consideration by their mutant audience(s), as opposed to the senseless railings found in FLAMING web posts. (Now there's a good use of one's time) Of course, Instructions can change . . . I just encountered, quite by accident, a website put together by someone who is really leading the way in re-usable ActionScript technologies these days. And though Jack Doyle's site (greensock) is all about the products and forums he provides, I was impressed to find that in his bio he was bold enough to say this succinctly and unapologetically out loud:

I was an atheist for many years until I finally realized that I was completely ignorant of what I was denying. Atheism was my choice more for emotional reasons than logical ones. When I actually did some thinking and researching, I couldn’t remain an atheist without being intellectually dishonest. My conclusions about who Jesus was impacted my life in some tremendous ways. Although I’m not an expert on the matter, I love discussing the issues related to what people believe (and why), who Jesus is (or isn’t), and how faith affects our lives in practical ways. Feel free to post questions related to faith here.

For some intriguing reading, check out what other folks have recorded (and challenged him on) in his forum. I really appreciate Alex's post in particular (Aug 25, 2009) and Jack's thoughtful reply three days later. Way to go, Jack! I truly admire how you paint for just anyone and everyone so freely! - I just might have to get exceptionally green sometime soon .. .

 Gir watches a Unicorn barf up a rainbow

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