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July 2010
 JessiSketch: menehune
 JessiSketch: island cat
Jessi ready to board our plane  (7/21/10)
 Jessi HI plane
Lawai Beach Resort as viewed from the beach (with local munchies)
 our hotel
~      'Aloha' from Hawaii!     ~
             Jessi considers her options . . .
 Jessi tree
Chillin' out in the shade of the old Po'ipu Shopping Village
The new Kukui'ula Village
 HI mall
We shared a Puka Dog with pineapple relish and AWESOME lemonade!
 Puka Dog
~    Jessica gears up    ~
 snorkal gear
She wanted to try scuba-diving – we're about 35 feet deep at this point
 scuba Jessi
We saw seven or eight large 'honu' just on this dive alone!
 scuba honu
nice little grotto just off the side of the road
 hiking brook 1
a bubbling tropical brook
 hiking brook 2
Jessi *loved* all the mossy rocks
 hiking brook 3
beautiful waterfall pond
 hiking brook 4
The view from our room
 room view
Jessi points out a lone tree across Wailua River
 tree spotting
She insisted on taking a close-up shot of this flower on our jungle road
- - said jungle road - -
 rainy road 1
Rain started pouring down here . . and didn't stop . . .
 rainy road Tombo
         Soggy Jessi  (vs)  Jungle Boulder
 Jessi Rock
The 'main' road bound for Wai'ale'ale (the wettest spot on earth)
 rainy road 2
This is the mucky trail head leading to the arduous 'Tunnels' hike
 rainy road 3
We opted for the ¼-mile hike to what we called the 'Fern Falls'
 Fern Falls trail 1
Snooping around a tunnel bored right through the mountainside
 Fern Falls tunnel
Our mist-shrouded trail plunges into a deep, primordial valley
 Fern Falls trail 2
A 40-foot high cliff overgrown by huge ferns looms beyond Jessica
 Fern Falls
A closer shot of the falls, probably 20 feet across
 Fern Falls (pond)
We found a natural jacuzzi farther up the river near another waterfall
 Jessi & Dad
just some roadside jungle
 roadside jungle
~   Hanalei Valley   ~
Back at the resort
 Jessi zzz's
Out-grinned by a tiki
Coconut Cocktail for a Chipper Cricket
 coconut cocktail
*  Cricket of the Sea  *
 Jessi of the Sea
She picked out just the right flute, then played it all the time   :-)
 ocean flute
Hawaiian Sunset (with Jessi)
 sunset 1
Hawaiian Sunset (w/out Jessi)
 sunset 2
Sunset at Salt Pond Beach
 sunset 3
Sunset at Po'ipu, where we snorkeled the most
 sunset 4
Hawaii - deep dusk
 sunset 5
A rainy morning - the Best!
 rainy day
This is looking out from inside Keoke's Paradise
 Keoke's Paradise
Dad & Jessica
 Dad & Jessi
Ohana!  my parents, Jessi & i
Excellent shave ice right here in Koloa town!
 shave ice
Jessi demonstrates how to "hang loose" in Hawaii
 hangin'  loose
Rain in Koloa!  She just stood there – can you tell we're from Phoenix?
 Koloa Rain
About to dive into the 'special' at Hamura's Saimin!
 Hamura's Saimin
Ni'ihau, the 'forbidden island' – 17 miles west of Kauai
~   just splashin' around   ~
 Jessi beach
This is Polihale Beach – our rental car got stuck in the sand here!
 Polihale Beach 1
Southern end of the Na Pali Coast (we had loads of time to take pix, see)
 Polihale Beach 2
The way-cool *ohana* locals who towed us out with their truck   :-]
 Polihale Beach 3
Jessi and her Grandpa at the Kauai Kookie Kompany factory!
 Kauai Kookies
I took Jessi to Wailua Falls
 Wailua Falls 1
We hiked down . . .
 Wailua Falls 2
Our underwater cameras created this hazy cool "70's kine" look
 Wailua Falls 3
                         me and my stunning tan
 Wailua Falls 4
Jessi poses underwater
 Wailua Falls 5
We swam over and clung to the slippery rocks directly beneath the falls
 Wailua Falls 6
Back of the dark grotto visible in the center of the first picture (above)
 Wailua Falls 7
Despite the pounding spray, Jessi managed to take a decent photo here
 Wailua Falls 8
At the Luau!  ("Remember, everyone can have all the poi you can eat!")
 Luau 1
~    My Beautiful Girl    ~
 Luau 2
Doting Grandparents (and doting granddaughter!)
 Luau 3
My Dad and Jessi really formed a fabulous bond during this trip
 Luau 4
Inside the Luau (the tree grows right up through the roof!)
 Luau 5
... and looking the other way .. .
 Luau 6
~     Hula Dancers    ~
 Luau 7
My parents celebrated their 53rd Anniversary during this vacation!
 53 Years!
What we did in the mornings... ocean waves crashing just 100 feet away
Koloa Town celebrates their 'Plantation Days' = Crafts, Music, Food!
Jessi befriended every single island cat she could lay her hands on
 Jessi Cat 1
She met some in Waimea, Hanapepe, Hanalei, Po'ipu, Kapa'a, Koloa . ..
 Jessi Cat 2
Danielle insisted we score pix of any large indigenous creepy crawlies
We checked out tons of Art Shops (Jessi is our resident artist/musician)
 Jessi Flute
"Whaddaya think of the helicopter, Jess?!"
 helicopter 1
Front-row seats!
 helicopter 2
Flying over Lihue, over the landing Danielle & I kayaked from in `07
 helicopter 3
Looking down, back over Polihale Beach / seems so mild from up here . .
 helicopter 4
Cresting over the Na Pali coast and into Hanalei Valley
 helicopter 5
Manawaiopuna Falls - "Yes, WELCOME to Jurassic Park!"
 helicopter 6
Skirting the clouds into Wai'ale'ale Crater
 helicopter 7
[center]  Wailua Falls!
 helicopter 8
Mystical headwaters of Wailua River from the heart of Wai'ale'ale Crater
 helicopter 9
Jessi explores an enchanting river
 Jessi brook
──  ROLLOVER  ──
 Happy Jessi
──  ROLLOVER  ──
 Tombo Dad
We stopped at the world-famous (right?) Banana Joe's Fruit Stand!
 fruit stand
Hanapepe's hanging bridge sways and bounces while you cross it
 Hanapepe swinging bridge
Get a load of this TREE !
That's it on the other side of that two-story house
 incrediTree Haus
This is the trail leading to the gorgeous Kipu Falls
 Trail to Kipu Falls
The grass looms up to seven or eight feet all along the way
 Jessi on trail
A local kid demonstrates the world-class rope swing over Kipu Falls
 Kipu Falls 1
Up to the rope swing  (bonus points if you spot the white kid)
 Kipu Falls 2
Ha'ena Beach Park = way cool!
 Haena Beach
~   ·   Simply fabulous!   ·   ~
 Jessi le'mermaid
At the foot of cliffs towering hundreds of feet high, vines everywhere!
 cave vines
Looking back toward the mouth of a cave near Ha'ena Beach
 cave entrance
Makawehi Bluff - one of the most amazing oceanside paths ever . . .
 Makawehi Bluff
Salty windswept sand, surf exploding on craggy lava shores - incredible!
 Punahoa or Kamala Point
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